Sunday, May 23, 2021

James Live in 2008 CD - Tracklist Details


As announced by the band towards the end of 2008 'We recorded all of last April’s UK tour, and painstakingly sifted through, compiling our favourite versions from all the shows.' Live in 2008 Promo CD included tracks from different gigs in April recorded during their UK tour. However, it was not clear which track is from which gig. Here is a result of a little detective work comparing the CD audio with the audience recordings from the gigs (kudos to all the recorders). Only guess work is for Senorita where there is no recording surfaced from Aberdeen but as there is no other gig setlist including Senorita in April (thanks to One Of The Three), we can assume that it is from Aberdeen.

02 BORN OF FRUSTRATION [St. George's Hall, Bradford, 2008-04-08] [video 0:34-5:00]
06 HEY MA [Sheffield Academy, 2008-04-15] [synch problem with video, working on it]
07 SENORITA [Aberdeen, 2008-04-25]
10 GETTING AWAY WITH IT (ALL MESSED UP)  [Colston Hall, Bristol, 2008-04-21]
11 WHITEBOY [Derby Assembly Rooms, 2008-04-10] [video 1:45-3:00]
12 SOMETIMES [Sheffield Academy, 2008-04-15] [video 0:35-8:20]
14 PETER KAY'S INTRODUCTION [Liverpool University, 2008-04-12] [full video]
15 LULLABY [Liverpool University, 2008-04-12] [full video]

Here they are for your listening pleasure with a few bonus matrix versions that mixed the CD audio with audience videos.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

James Live @ Glastonbury Festival, 1992-06-26


James Setlist Glastonbury Festival 1992 1992

Audience video recording (except the first 2 songs) at The Trader's Den (thanks to swintonboy)

Sunday, April 18, 2021

James & Inspiral Carpets & Steve Hanley Live @ Cavfest 2011-09-17


Audience recording at The Trader's Den

Info from NME:

Former The Fall bassist Steve Hanley has staged a music festival at a primary school to help raise money for musical instruments.

Hanley, who was a member of the Manchester band from 1979 to 1998, pulled in members of James and Inspiral Carpets for Cavfest at Cavendish Primary School’s playing field in the city over the weekend.

The former bassist staged the event to raise funds for musical instruments at the school after its budget was cut.

More info at One Of The Three